Granite Bay Estate Planning Attorney

Granite Bay Estate Planning Attorney

At the Granite Bay Estate Planning Attorney firm of Kim Bingham, we believe strongly that everyone needs an estate plan, not just those with significant wealth or real estate holdings.

The truth is that estate planning in Granite Bay is an essential and affordable service for everyone, regardless of estate size or value.  And Granite Bay estate planning attorney Kim Bingham specials in all aspects of estates, trusts, wills, and powers of attorney.

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The Value of an Estate Planning Attorney in Granite bay

People in Granite Bay can spend a lifetime building acquiring wealth and assets.  Most Granite bay residents do not want the State of California to determine how their estate is distributed.  An experienced Granite Bay estate planning attorney can help you create and implement a plan for allocating your assets in the manner of your choosing, whether to family, charities, or in any other manner.   Kim Bingham, an estate planning attorney in Granite Bay, will structure a plan that will also save your loved ones from burdensome financial expenses and avoidable legal hassles, no matter how big or small your estate.

Granite Bay Trust and Estate Planning Attorney

Mr. Jim Bingham, a reputable and experienced Granite Bay estate planning attorney can provide you with financial peace of mind. His expertise in estate law enables him to build an estate plan that will help you transfer your estate smoothly and securely.

Bingham Law–Granite Bay Estate Planning Lawyer

We begin the estate planning process for our Granite Bay clients with a friendly interview to understand your needs. Based on your needs we’ll recommend the most effective, affordable estate planning and asset transfer solutions for you.

Living Trust Lawyer in Granite BayWe’ll discuss your finances, healthcare requirements, family needs, and desires for the future. Once we have a clear picture of your needs, Kim Bingham, a highly regarded Granite bay estate planning attorney will prepare a customized plan that meets all of your estate goals. Then we’ll schedule a final meeting to review your estate plan, answer all your questions, and put it into effect.

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Kim Bingham will ensure that you, your family, and your future will be fully protected by your new estate plan.  Your estate plan will be unique to you, and may include a number of crucial legal documents such as:

  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Living Will (Medical Directive)
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Revocable Living Trust

Kim Bingham, one of Granite Bay’s most experienced estate planning attorneys is here for you today and as your priorities evolve in the future. Changes in health, family, and finances can affect your estate planning goals. We’ll help you update your estate solution to reflect those goals. As tax laws change, count on us to notify you of key opportunities to improve your plan as well.

Granite Bay

Granite Bay is a residential suburb of Sacramento just east of Roseville and west of Folsom Lake. Granite Bay is known as a more affluential area of the Sacramento Valley. Granite Bay offers many residents a ranch style setting while still being close enough to the main city to enjoy the perks of living in a suburb. Other residents of Granite Bay opt for gated communities and of course the traditional suburb we have come to associate with America.

Granite Bay Estate Planning Attorney