Do you need help with Estate Planning?

Need a Living Trust or a Will? Not sure which one?

Take a positive step toward protecting yourself, your family, and your assets!

Do Not Be Caught Off Guard. Protect Yourself ANd Your Loved Ones

Be prepared and have a plan in place in case the unexpected happens
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Are you planning for your future?

Chances are, when you are asked this question, you are thinking about saving for retirement or financial investments, but there is one thing most poeple neglect to do.

Do you have an Estate Plan?

Not having an Estate Plan will leave your loved ones fighting AND spending a lot of money to get back their home and inheritance. Here are just some examples of what can happen if you do not put a plan in place. You would:

  • Allow the courts to decide where your assets go.
  • Leave your loved ones fighting spending a lot of money to get back their home and inheritance
  • Not get the care you wish for and not live the life you want in case you get incapacitated.
  • Allow the courts to decide who will take care of your children
  • Allow the courts to decide how your children will get their inheritance.

Already have an Estate Plan?

Has it been updated to your current life situation or is it filed away or lost somewhere?

Is it complete or is missing some things you don’t know about?

My name is Kim Bingham

I am an Estate Planning Attorney based in Roseville, CA.

I am not just another attorney with a big law firm. To me, you are not just another paycheck.

I am your advocate and through the documents we prepare, we give you and your family a voice when the unexpected happens.

Like you, I have loved ones who rely on me. Unlike many of you, I have actually gone through a harsh reality in my life that, if we did not have the right plans in place, we would have been in a worse situation.

We had no idea it would happen, but we were legally more prepared for it than most people would be in a similar situation.

“Kim’s personal story was also very touching, and you realize quickly that he is a very caring person […] We were able to structure the whole plan in a way we wanted to,  even though it wasn’t completely traditional.

We strongly urge you to consider an estate plan, and definitely come visit Kim Bingham!”

– Robert & Shawna C.

What does it take to build an Estate Plan?

Learn more about Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills, Durable Power of Attorneys, & Avanced Health Care Directives

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