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Advanced Healthcare DirectiveIf you need an  Advance Healthcare Directive in Roseville, please contact attorney Kim Bingham today.

Mr. Bingham will provides advance healthcare directives for his Roseville estate planning clients, either as part of their trust package, or on an as-needed basis.


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What Is An Advance Healthcare Directive?

An Advance Health Care Directive, or AHCD, is also known as a Living Will, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Health Care Proxy and a Do Not Resuscitate Order. Bingham Law estate planning attorneys in Roseville are thoroughly informed about Advance Healthcare Directive options and benefits.

An Advance Healthcare Directive authorizes the person you name, called an “agent,” to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are unable to speak for yourself, for example if you are unconscious. Your designated agent’s authority can be as limited or extensive as you choose in advance.  Due to the complexity of Advance Healthcare Directives, an experienced Roseville estate planning attorney can make the process of creating an Advance Healthcare Directive smooth and easy.

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The process of getting an Advance Healthcare Directive in Roseville is simple–call estate planning attorney Kim Bingham for an appointment in his roseville law office.   Mr. Bingham will discuss your Advance Healthcare Directive options within the scope of your greater estate plan and how the role it plays.

advanced healthcare directive attorneyHaving an Advance Healthcare directive means you authorize your agent to make decisions that are aligned with your medical wishes. Ensuring this is done correctly will benefit from an experienced Roseville attorney, such as Kim Bingham.

Examples of such healthcare decisions include wanting medical care withheld if you are in a persistent vegetative state or in an irreversible coma. This is also known as the pull-the-plug scenario. If you do not want to be on life support when you have no hope of recovery, an Advance healthcare Directive is the document your family will need to carry out your wishes.  Roseville attorney Kim Bingham has years of experience helping families establish Advance Health Care Directives in Roseville, to ensure their healthcare wishes are met in the future.

Is an Advance Health Care Directive Right For Me?

Advanced planning for your medical and legal needs is always wise. And given the complexities of estate and healthcare law in California, getting assistance from a Roseville attorney experienced in creating Advance Healthcare Directives is critical.

Some questions you can ask yourself about an Advance Healthcare Directive–are you worried about particular health conditions that might result in incapacitation? Would an Advance Healthcare Directive make medical decisions easier for your family and doctors later? Are you concerned that your wishes might be lost in the chaos of arguments about what you might want? In most instances the answer is yes.

Roseville attorney Kim Bingham brings years of experience with estate planning to the table when advising his Roseville estate planning and Advance Healthcare Directive clients. S

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Common Myths About Advance Health Care Directives

roseville advanced health care directive Myths surrounding this legal instrument contribute to many misconceptions and fears. For example, some people believe an Advance Healthcare Directive means you do not want any treatment. In fact, it gives you even more power to express exactly what you do and do not want done.

Another myth is that you give up your rights when signing an Advance Healthcare Directive. As long as you are still competent, you are free to make any changes you want to your Advance Healthcare Directive, including overriding your proxy’s decision and rescinding the directive entirely. Talk with Roseville attorney Kim Bingham to learn more about creating or amending your Advance Healthcare directive.

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