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Estate Planning WillsIf you live in Roseville and need a Will prepared by an experienced estate planning attorney, contact Bingham Law today.

Your Will is the document that preserves your assets while you are alive and protects them in death. It ensures your wishes are followed in detail when the time comes to share your estate with heirs, charities and other beneficiaries. Bingham Law, is a dedicated and experiences Will preparation attorney in Roseville. Call Roseville Attorney at Law Kim Bingham to learn how this affordable tool can protect you and your loved ones.

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A Will is a legally binding set of instructions that informs others how to distribute your assets. It also identifies the guardians you chose for your dependent children. With a Will prepared by Roseville’s Bingham Law, you are able to leave your possessions to anyone you choose. For example, you can leave them to significant others, siblings, relatives or your favorite charities. If you did not leave a Will, the courts have authority to distribute your assets as they see fit. They also decide what happens to your children. An expert Roseville Will Attorney can help you draft a Will that guarantees your assets are fully protected from unnecessary court interference.

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Your Will also requires an executor. The executor is the person who will be in charge of your estate after you pass on. A Roseville Will Attorney at Bingham Law will help you discuss this with the person in advance to be sure they are comfortable with that responsibility. Trusted Roseville Will Attorneys often act as executors because they have the experience and reliability to fulfill their client’s wishes.

One limitation of Wills is that they do not control all of your assets upon death. A Roseville Will Attorney at Bingham Law will help ensure your insurance policies and financial accounts also name beneficiaries that reflect the priorities in your Will.

Is a Will Right For You?

estate-planning-lawyerYes, almost everyone needs this basic legal protection. At Bingham Law, in Roseville and specializing in will preparation and estate planning, Bingham Law provides effective Will solutions for people from all walks of life in Roseville.

A Will communicates exactly how to distribute your assets according to your preferences. It is also the best way to name your children’s guardians. If you die with no Will — called dying “Interstate” — your assets go into probate. If that happens, your wishes will have no bearing on how your assets are distributed. The courts and your heirs will be left with the expensive and complicated job of deciding who gets what.

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Avoid Probate With a Will

Probate is a process to administer an estate. The process begins after a person dies. First, a probate court determines whether the Will is valid, then proceeds to authorize assets to be distributed among heirs according to the Will’s instructions. In the absence of a Will the probate courts, guided by California law, will decide where assets will go. Probate could be an expensive process that lasts from a few months to several years according to the estate’s complexity.

We understand that ensuring your assets are given to the people you intend is an important part of estate planning. Bingham Law can draft your family Will according to your specifications so probate is quick and organized.

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The many options for creating a Will include do-it-yourself kits, online programs and direct assistance from a qualified Attorney. Roseville Will Attorneys at Bingham Law offer free initial consultations and would love to help you prepare your Will. Do not let inaction lead to avoidable hassles for your loved ones. Call Bingham Law now and talk to a Roseville Will Attorney.