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Rocklin’s Trust Planning Attorneys at Bingham Law provide affordable Trust strategies for estates of all sizes. Trusts provide guaranteed financial security to your loved ones, future generations and your favorite charities. With a fully customized Trust from Bingham Law you can relax, knowing that your assets will be preserved and transferred in complete privacy and according to your desires.

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Meet with a Rocklin Trust Attorney at Bingham Law today for sophisticated Trust planning. Our friendly Trust Attorneys will work closely with you to understand your unique goals, identify key Trusts for you, and implement your Trust solutions with ease.

Rocklin Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate Plans are flexible legal instruments that Rocklin residents take advantage of to protect their assets. Bingham Law drafts estate plans for Rocklin clients to help them reduce estate transfer taxes, designate legal guardians, manage wealth, and guide the future allocation of their assets. Trusts are one element of a smart estate plan. Bingham Law Trust Attorneys will describe all your Estate Planning options, including which Trusts will be most beneficial to you.

Living Trust LawyerSome people make the mistake of not having an estate plan. That leaves their assets vulnerable to government and court interference. Without an estate plan, the court system will decide how to distribute the estate you spent a lifetime building. It could even lead to the court choosing guardians for your children and making decisions about your health care.

Save your loved ones the stress of navigating an extended probate process. Talk with a Rocklin Trust Attorney at Bingham Law today. We are leaders in Estate Law and customized Trust Preparation for Rocklin residents.

Rocklin Trusts Simplified

Bingham Law Trust Attorneys often provide Trusts as part of a comprehensive estate plan. In a Trust, the client is called the Trustor. They put assets in the Trust that they want held for themselves or someone else, called the Beneficiary or Trustee. The Beneficiary manages the Trust with the help of a Trust Attorney at Bingham Law. Many families choose Trusts because they offer privacy from scrutiny by the court. This makes wealth transfer much simpler, and easier emotionally, when the time comes.

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Kim Bingham is a dedicated Trust Attorney for Rocklin Estate Planning clients. He explains even the most complex estate law topics in straightforward language so you know exactly what each option means for you. With a thorough understanding of your circumstances and goals, Bingham Law will help you decide which Trusts to choose.

Trust or Will?

Rocklin Trust Attorney and Estate PlanningWhen someone dies, their estate typically goes to probate, where the Will is reviewed for validity. While in probate, the Will is publicly accessible. That means anyone can search and read private information in those documents. With the help of Rocklin’s Trust Attorneys at Bingham Law, you can use a Trust to guarantee your privacy. Since Trusts are private, yours will not be admitted to probate or involve court review. It will be kept completely confidential. In addition to privacy, assets protected in a Trust can reach your heirs much faster than those in a Will. For guaranteed security, let Bingham Law’s Trust specialists guide your Trust preparation today.

How a Rocklin Trust Attorney Can Help You Today

Trust Attorneys at Bingham Law can help you decide whether the benefits of a Trust are right for you. Factors like net worth, property holdings, and how you want your assets distributed are factors your Rocklin Trust Attorney will cover during your initial visit.

Kim Bingham is a trusted estate attorney who genuinely values his time with clients like you. Whether you are concerned about protecting assets, transferring wealth, or planning for unforeseen medical events, Bingham Law will provide the legal solutions you need.

Children and dependent adults need special attention in estate plans. By working closely with your Trust Attorney, you can ensure assets are set aside for their care. In the event you are unexpectedly incapacitated, a Trust, created in advance with your Rocklin Trust Attorney, will guide your healthcare and your wealth management.

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Bingham Law Is Your Answer for Rocklin Trusts

Your future, and your family’s future, is too important to leave to chance. Call Rocklin’s Trust Attorneys at Bingham Law to discuss your many Trust, Will, and Estate Planning options. Customized Trust preparation puts control of your wealth, and your future, in your hands, where it belongs.


Rocklin is a city in Placer County, California located in the metropolitan area of Sacramento. Sharing borders with Roseville, Loomis, and Lincoln made Rocklin quite a hot spot for gold mining before the gold rush really took off. Mostly trappers and gold miners, Rocklin was a quaint mountain town offering much to those looking to settle.

Fast forward to present day where Rocklin is often viewed as a close cousin or sister to Roseville. Many people live in Rocklin, yet commute and shop in Roseville. Speckled with golf courses and beautiful landscape of trees and homes mixed together, Rocklin is a picture perfect example of the suburbs.

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